Order weekly or monthly bunches

Keep your house filled with fresh flowers. Order one of two weekly bunches which respond to the latest changes in the flower season and the wider world at large.

BUNCHES available for delivery to your door in Camberwell on Thursday / Friday / Saturday

Or available for pick up at local cafes The Pigeon Hole, Camberwell or Tierra Verde, Clapham by 7pm on Fridays.




The SEASONAL BUNCH seizes the latest offerings in fragrant greenery and flowers available at the market each week. This bunch includes: plumosum, dahlias, lysimachia and black scabius. 


Bagpipe bunch web.jpg


The BAGPIPE LUNG BUNCH is dedicated to the newly named pulmonary disease responsible for nasty breathing problems amongst wind instrument players, especially pipers.

Size £25 or available as £35 (pictured) / £50

Contact me below to arrange the most suitable delivery and payment option or feel free to give me a ring - 07425844995.

Contact to arrange delivery and payment

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It is not possible for me to do repeat deliveries as I deliver on foot, so please consider whether you would prefer for the bunch to be dropped off or alternatively if it is easier for you to collect it from The Pigeon Hole Cafe.