Floral Pilgrimage II / Caergybi 18.07.18 - 21.07.18

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Continuing on the floral pilgrimage 2017- 2018 I started a collaboration together with artist and educator Amy Ash, this time contemplating both physical and political changes to the landscape. We were drawn to walking around Holyhead, an island protruding off Wales, in alternative directions retracing the steps of St. Cybi and St. Seriol. One Saint who faced the darkness, the other the light which felt like a dualistic coping metaphor for the political horizon. This follows a period of dark reflection as Amy although married to a Londoner was nevertheless coerced into leaving London due to visa issues and so I walked in her place during Summer 2018, exploring sites of importance as either St.

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On the walk I was both being documented in the landscape and taking photographs of my hands with religious imagery (self awarded pilgrimage stamps) within the landscape for a more embodied viewpoint. This dual documentation also reflects both the simultaneous outward and inner pathways offered by spiritual journeys often symbolised by the spiral. Then using snack bar wrappers, local pamphlets and these images, I sent her a map-place of the Island, something to both peruse and wear / physically enter the space.

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