Haverthorn V.4.1 // Magasine collaboration, Spring 2018 with Camilla Nelson


Camilla Nelson

Haverthorn magazine is a literary magasine edited by Iris Colomb and Andrew Wells. Each magasine has a section that teams artists with poets in collaborations. I had the pleasure of responding to Camilla Nelson's existing work "Magnolia" and she created "Scorn Dolly" as inspired by my work "Closing the borders opened the gates of hell" photographed by Sebastian Trustman.

In order to get closer to Camilla Nelson's poem which seemed to me to express a harrowing and fragmented desire of something you do not really want, I worked with my flatmate to explore our fears concerning (although not necessarily related to) our desires for the future. The outcome involved envisaging a landscape surrounding the female form with abstract floral shapes of future pressures built from: self, society, family.

Sketch for Haverthorn response.jpg
sketch two.jpg
fear of I.jpg
Fear of II.jpg
Fear of III.jpg
louie in B.jpg
Haverthorn Dual I.jpeg
Haverthorn Dual II.png
HVTN II colour edit.jpg
HVTN III colour edit.jpg