Beuys Bouquets // 17.07.17 - 29.07.17

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Together with the director of the Beuys Residency in Connemara, James Mansfield, we set about following the traces of Beuys in Connemara through the tides, a closed seaweed factory (another site of energy come and gone), and use of bespoke Irish alternative therapies.

These treatments included the healing use of seaweed, fett, flowers (organic materials) presented to the landscape and re-organised for the other as gifts and talismen. Some non organic local products were also drawn upon: including icecreamcake and teabags.

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The seaweed factory. Two blocks of fat, a lemon, scissors and a camera. No further seaweed on site. Plenty of rust, cow dungs and explorations. Time spent creating bouquets in fat on site,  inserting flowers as the fat warmed and using only flowers from that specific point to go together. Natures curation, re-organised in alternative energy source. 

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The shells grow inside to outside, looking up throughout a spiralling process, harder and finer.

Left Take one sore hand, wrap in butter, felt, before charging with blackberries and hard yellow shells. Right Shell charging station

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All of these activities provided a huge amount of internal warmth!