Floral Heraldry // Summer Cabinet Commission at Peer Gallery and Workshops 07.17 - 09.17

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Cabinet 1, 2 and 3 including last instalment the bouquet dispenser.


4 Seasons was a commissioning programme exploring wildlife, biodiversity and the artists’ interest in nature supported by Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust. The brief was to create a seasonal display in a cabinet attached to the gallery, to be updated throughout the season.

My summer cabinet is a floral account of the everyday, documenting changes in seasonal cut flowers via flowers used in bouquets alongside wider news stories and accumulations of desk detritus. News images are conditioned and cropped as if they were flowers, whilst a more uniform stencil (that of a Swiss Milk Top - see my archive here - ) shapes the artist’s own personal paraphernalia. The resulting synthetic petals will then be transformed into wearable objects such as chain mail, votive necklaces and visors to be used and deposited on a walk from London, crossing the fabled Isle of Thanet emerging in Dover, to survey the changing European landscape from the perspective of an independent florist.

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Clockwise from top left: Arden Estate Shakespeare Summer Party, Artists' Inventories an artist's talk at PEER and hand-tied bouquet making workshop at Shoreditch Library.